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About Admiral STRENGTH

Powerlifting Coaching // Serving Communities

Admiral strength is a powerlifting coaching service for people looking to improve their squat, bench, and deadlift. Individualization and athlete response drive our decision making to ensure you are receiving the best programing for YOU. A large portion of our proceeds are given to charities that help support people in need, individuals with disabilities, or to spread the word of God.

Ryan Borges

Owner // Powerlifting Coach of Admiral Strength

Competing in Olympic Weightlifting for 13 years and powerlifting for 6 years, Ryan has been involved in strength sports for 20 years. His coaching abilities come from his athletic experience competing at a national and international level, while also his experience working with Olympic level coaches. He has spent most of his life as the student of the game and is looking to share his knowledge with athletes who want to optimize their strength potential.